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Unfurling our own tale through client stories

We want to give you an idea of the holistic service we can provide to you – but we also want to protect our clients and their privacy. So we’ve prepared for you the following hypothetical examples to illustrate the challenges and opportunities we’ve helped navigate.

Sailing to and through a time of expansion and adventure

One of our clients, a harried executive who spent many years balancing work and family, has a large balance sheet with lots of moving parts. He turned to us for comprehensive retirement and financial planning that would allow him to pursue his goal of one day traveling the world on cruise ships with his wife. After celebrating his retirement, he said he sees life as one big adventure.

Trekking toward independence and confidence

A mother of three came to us after a divorce, seeking assistance in managing the settlement. She wanted guidance to help keep her family’s livelihood on solid ground. We quickly became a sounding board for everyday financial decisions – buying a car, for instance – and we introduced her kids to basic money concepts. We continue to be a resource for her family as they regain their footing.

diving into the depths of financial knowledge

A couple approached us with some fairly complex financial decisions. They were both highly paid professionals, too busy to learn the intricacies of how to make the most of available benefits. We helped them do just that, finding luxury in simplicity with a streamlined wealth management plan tailored to their situation. Fast forward to today: On the cusp of retirement, they are bringing their adult children to meet with us to discuss their legacy plan.

These investment profiles are hypothetical and not indicative of any specific situations or clients. They are presented only as examples and not intended as investment advice. Investing involves risk including the possible loss of principal.

Turning the page on your next chapter

You’ve made it this far into the story – don’t stop now. We’re a different kind of wealth management group, and we’ve got a fresh page waiting for the start of your relationship with us.


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